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deskDo β1.4

Everyday tool brought to you by Pixel Apes.

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deskDo tends to be a tasklist on your desktop.

You can also store your tasks here, on our server, — and easily move to a different computer without losing any actual information.

Here you could obtain simple but useful tool for everyday scriblah-blah-blah, which is unevitable expanded with zyllion superficial spots to enhance you GTD user experience during the flight. Every monkey has two pair of hands which are almost absolutely useless, like my head do sometimes when I get drunk. But this time deskDo application could help fight information overlord, who blame the commercial purpose of information science to be helping people.


To start using deskDo you will need either:
  1. Download and install simple tray application.
    You could also use Active Desktop integration scheme. Tray app is much more useful though.
  2. Register an account for serverside storage.
    It is not necessary for using deskDo, but with serverside storage it looks more powerful.

Authors and copyrights

This piece of software is released by Pixel•Apes group in 2005.

You surely could read more about this project and its contributors.